Online Activities


Exercise is essential for both physical and mental health.

Our online exercise classes offer opportunities to maintain health in these two ways.

Firstly, during the period of social distancing, exercising at home is a safe and brilliant way to keep fit.

Secondly, Exercising online with others can make you feel accompanied.

Now we are running Zumba and Stretching Class multiple times each week. Our sessions are for women, for children and for your families.

Come and attend our online class to exercise with professional tutors and other people.

Psychological Support

Self isolation and social distancing bring new and multiple iindividual psychological issues.

Our Regular Support Group will provide you a confidential space to share your concerns and listen to each other.

Our support groups are led by experienced psychotherapists, to help you cope with uncertainties, mental anxiety.


A study shows that during the lockdown, women are suffering more from domestic issues, such as communication and education difficulties with children, etc.

We are now offering special workshops on Parenting tips for adults and entertainment activities for children led by our psychologists with specialised knowledge.

Informative Workshops

  • Knowing financial information about online business, credit, housing;

Beauty and relaxation