Workshops on Health, Employability and Wellbeing

Migrants and refugee women are likely to face isolation, poverty and destitution. These evils can have devastating consequences on the migrants’ and refugees’ well-being. They found hugely difficult accessing existing services for various reasons such as language barriers or issues related to the stigma surrounding their mental health. Despite there are very good services for migrants and refugees women, the number of those using these provisions is still very low.

At EWEG we regularly hold workshops on health and wellbeing issues. Through these session, we aim to reduce isolation, improve quality of life, self-esteem and self-confidence of our clients.

During Covid-19 lockdown, we are running workshops in more fields, such as psychology, edutainment, online business, beauty, etc.

Psychological Support

We will offer more psychological workshop like this, please always check for update.


A study shows that during the lockdown, women are suffering more from domestic issues, such as communication and education difficulties with children, etc.

We are now offering special workshops on Parenting tips for adults and entertainment activities for children led by our psychologists with specialised knowledge.

Informative Workshops

  • Knowing financial information about online business, credit, housing;

Wellbeing: Beauty and relaxation

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