Mentoring Project

The mentoring project aims at tackling the isolation and lack of knowledge of refugees and migrant women. Refugees and migrant women often have great difficulty accessing existing services such as welfare benefits, housing benefits, education, and employment. The project aims at boosting the self-confidence of the beneficiaries, and in strengthening their social relationships.

Migrants and refugee women are likely to face isolation, poverty and destitution. These evils can have devastating consequences on the migrants’ and refugees’ well-being. They found hugely difficult accessing existing services for various reasons such as language barriers or issues related to the stigma surrounding their mental health. Despite there are very good services for migrants and refugees women, the number of those using these provisions is still very low.

The role of the mentor plays an important part in reducing isolation, improving the quality of life of the mentees, improving self-esteem and self-confidence and in facilitating the access to services.