Employability Project

Employment is a key factor for  successful integration in the society as it facilitates social and economic participation.  Employment is an important tool that boost self-esteem and confidence, allowing social interaction with members from outside the immediate community.

The project implies a methodology based on one to one advice and practical support on education and employments.

The project offers a range of employability training focusing on CV writing, interview technique, group workshops and individual advice and guidance sessions.

Celebrating Successes!

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Before meeting Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group,  Fanar felt completely disappointed and sad. She always had the passion for baking and she self taught how to bake, create and decorate cakes.

Despite she was aware of her talent she did not know how to make it become a profession. She felt extremely sad since she did not have the knowledge of the UK system and of qualifications needed for this profession. She was losing hope and felt depressed spending her days at home without promoting to people her beautiful talent.

She met EWEG during the monthly meeting at Iraqi’s Women’s League ( a EWEG’s Partner)where she was given a leaflet for the Employment Program.

She attended the first workshop of the program where she showed the pictures of her cakes-artwork to the facilitator and to other participants. Once she noticed everyone’s astonishment looking at these pictures her confidence started to boost again. The same day of the workshop, helped by the facilitator, she enrolled for the Sugar Craft Level 1 course.

After two months she successfully achieved the Level 1 and she has enrolled for September course in Sugar Craft Level 2. She is currently volunteering at EWEG during the Coffee Morning where she runs the “How to Bake a Cake” sessions.

She said: “I feel relieved, I am much more confident !! Before I wouldn’t have shown my work to anyone or spoken about my career dreams. I am so happy now! And I feel so good that I am teaching  to other women, this will boost my confidence in speaking English as well!