About Us

The Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group (EWEG) was established in November 2003 by seven Ethiopian refugee women volunteers as response to the unmet needs of refugees and migrants women living in UK.

EWEG now works with all refugee and migrant women in need regardless of their country of origin. Through projects such as access to education and employment, social gatherings and family learning programmes which increase skills, knowledge and confidence EWEG empowers these women. clash of clans hack

EWEG sees empowerment as a process of learning that creates active and dynamic individuals as main actors of the community they live in, who are able to speak up for their own rights and able to achieve their goals. The process of empowerment takes in consideration the difficulties that the life of being a migrant or refugee woman may entails, so it is deemed as a very articulate process that aims at strengthening the physical and mental well-being of women as a preamble for their active role in the community.

EWEG conceives empowerment as a tool for fighting wrong stereotypes which often label the image of refugees and migrants. Tackling this “mistrusting” tendency, EWEG promotes a fairer image of migrants and refugees women through  projects whose outcomes are the proof of the valuable contribution that these women offer to the UK society.


We would like to thank the People’s Health Trust for their generous support of our work.

People's Health Trust